Meet the Guides




Steve Znamenacek, owner

 Steve grew up in Nebraska with a strong connection to his family’s farm developing a passion for the the outdoors, and for hunting both big and small game. This led Steve to focus his attention on natural resource management and a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from the University of Nebraska. Since, he has worked diligently for over 20 years in wildlife management, moving to Steamboat Springs in 1996. For the past 18 years Steve has worked as a District Wildlife Manager with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, in the Steamboat Springs and Hayden areas.  Steve has worked closely over this time with Wolf Mountain Ranch and Lonny Vanatta where he developed an excellent relationship with the ranch owner and staff. 

Lonny Vanatta
Lonny grew up in Steamboat Springs in the 1960s where he became one of the most accomplished alpine ski racers on the US Ski Team and on the Pro tour. He was inducted to the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame in 2018. Lonny has been in the outfitting business for 30+ years in Northwest Colorado. An accomplished hunter, Lonny has taken over 100 animals with a bow including 17 that qualified for Pope & Young record books. In 1989 he took a world record Stone Sheep. Lonny completed his “grand slam” of sheep in 2013. His passion for the outdoors and hunting shows in every facet of the business that he built, to the property that we hunt. It would be hard to find any other outfitter who puts the effort into hunter satisfaction as Lonny.  As Lonny says, “We don’t do this for the money, we do it for the lifestyle.”

Nick Ross

 Nick started bowhunting for elk in 1990 at 16 years old. Lonny was the ski racing coach for this young hunter and 25 years later asked Nick to guide for him at Wolf Mountain Ranch. Nick thought guiding with such great people on Wolf Mountain Ranch was too good to say no. Nick lives in the Yampa valley with his wife Julie and his daughter Zoe. Nick’s goal is to get hunters as close as possible for a clean harvest of an elk.

David Schwanke

 David grew up on his parent’s ranch in Clark, CO, where his passion for the outdoors began. An avid outdoorsman, David’s early years were filled with adventures in the woods with his father, hunting, fishing, backpacking, snowmobiling and biking. Ever since he was old enough to harvest his own elk and deer, he’s been hooked on the sport and has guided big game hunts for over 10 years. David is a Master electrician and has an electrical contracting business in Steamboat. 

Adam Grimes

Adam is a Colorado native who has lived in Steamboat for 32 years and grew up just a few miles from Wolf Mountain Ranch. An avid outdoorsman, Adam loves hunting, fly fishing, camping, white water rafting and snowmobiling. Adam has been hunting since he was a young boy and has been a guide for the last 6 years. Adam lives in Steamboat with his wife Brittany and their 2-yr old son Brycen and is the assistant General Manager at the Ore House at the Pine Grove restaurant. 

Kirk Gardner

Kirk was raised on the western slope of Colorado where he has spent his life camping, hunting and fishing. His pursuits include gun building and long range shooting, along with a passion for big game hunting.