Wolf Mountain Ranch

Wolf Mountain Ranch is a privately owned and operated ranch located just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  While a working ranch, this 25,000 acre ranch presents some of NW Colorado’s most pristine hunting acreage.  2009 represents the first year that the ranch has teamed up with Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife to enroll into the states Ranching for Wildlife program.  Vanatta Outfitters has been lucky enough to be chosen as the outfitter to implement the program on the ranch.  The big winner here is you, our guests.

buggy-shotOf the ranch’s acreage, 16,000 has been made available for hunting some of which has not been hunted in years.  Currently VO is in the process of a renovation that includes new bunk houses as well as a bath house for our guests.  Located in camp you will find a common cabin that hosts the kitchen, dining and lounging area.

VO uses a combination of trucks as well Polaris Rangers to access the ranch.  Once in our desired hunting area on the ranch, we access the remainder of the distance via foot as not to disturb the game.  Needless to say, the better physically in shape that you are, the better hunting opportunities you will present yourself.

Ranching for Wildlife Program


In creating the agreement to participate in the Ranching for Wildlife program, land owners work with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to enhance habitat, species management and recreation use on the property.

The Ranching for Wildlife program allows the land owners and outfitters to receive a guaranteed number of tags based upon the quantities of game located on the ranch. With these tags comes a 90-day season window to hold these hunts. During this season, hunters may choose the method in which they would prefer to harvest their game (ie. You may use a rifle to hunt elk during the rut). You can click here to download a PDF of this map.

In summary, while hunting on a Ranching for Wildlife participating ranch, your tag is guaranteed without the draw process. You may hunt with any method that you may choose. There is a increase in variety of dates in which you may choose outside of the normal season dates set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. – Happy Hunting!

For more information visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web site: www.wildlife.state.co.us