The Hunt

2007 Mule Deer
2007 Mule Deer

Hunt Schedule

Vanatta Outfitters host’s hunts that begin on Monday morning and wrap up after the morning hunt on Friday. Guests are welcome to arrive after noon on the Sunday prior to your hunt. Arrangements may be made for a pick up and delivery to/from Steamboat Springs or the Yampa Valley Regional Airport pre and post hunt.

Bunk Quarters

Accomodations include three new (4) bed bunkhouses, a common bathhouse as well as a common cabin that hosts all meals and a lounge area. The camp runs electricity off of multple generators. Springs feed the water supply for the camp which includes hot showers in the bathhouse. You’ll find most of the guides huddled around the campfire telling stories almost any given evening.

Camp Kitchen
Camp Kitchen

Chow Line

A chef will prepare all meals during your stay that includes some of the areas finest comfort foods. Any given hunt day, breakfast will be prepared at least an hour prior to daybreak. Our main course will then be prepared in the middle of the day and to conclude in the evening, a soup, stew or chili will be served. It will never be said that you left our camp hungry. We do recommend that if you have any special requirements that you let us know in advance of your arrival. It’s up to you to provide any post hunt libations for your consumption pleasure. Keep in mind that 7-11 is not around the block for convenience.

Getting Into the Woods

For those of you who have hunted with us before, you understand the concept that we utilize full size pick ups to transport our Polaris Rangers to and from the designated hunting areas. The effort is to minimize the impact to the game during the transportation process that may cover several miles of travel.

Once we arrive via “the buggy”, to the hunting area we will begin our hike as we approach the habitat areas. All guides with VO use the “spot and stalk” method of approach to have minimal impact on the wildlife. From a vantage point with elevation, it gains us the advantage visually to determine if there is potential for a hunt on an animal that we agree upon trying to take.

Into The Woods
Into The Woods

No bigger thrill will you find than that of stalking elk in the Rocky Mountains. The experience is only enhanced when you have an experienced VO guide that will deliver you in as close to your game with a play by play unmatched by others. We look forward to hosting you on one our hunts in the near future on the ranch. Until then, we are back off to the wilderness.

Personal Preparation

In order to prepare yourself for your hunting trip and maximize your experience, I encourage you to start an exercise program that will allow you to be in the best shape possible. We do a fair amount of hiking during our hunts. Being in good shape will present you with more and better opportunities.

Not only is being in good shape important, but preparing yourself with your weapon of choice is equally important. We all encourage that you take your weapon to the range and practice as much as possible before your trip. We do have a 3D target and a rifle range at the ranch. This range is designed more for ensuring accuracy after travel than sighting in your weapon for the first time. Rifle shots average around 200 – 250 yards, so please try these distances at your local range. Please remember, you only get out of a hunt what you put into a hunt. Be prepared.

Following is a check list of personal items that you should bring for your hunt:

  • Rifle or Bow
  • (2) Boxes of ammo (Rifle hunters become familiar with your ballistics and if you have a favorite rifle and calibre not mentioned – use it because you will most often shoot better with it. I encourage a minimum of .30 cal.. A 165 – 180 grain soft core bullet is preferred. Ballistic tips are not recommended)
  • 1 ½ dozen arrows (3D target is available for practice)
  • Blaze orange hunting vest and hat (Law requires 500 sq inches)
  • Good waterproof hiking boots
  • Comfortable camp shoes and clothes
  • Hiking socks (Good socks and boots helps prevent blisters while hiking)
  • Good hunting pants and shirts (lightweight to heavyweight, fleece to cotton)
  • Waterproof clothing, pants, coats, long underwear if you need
  • Gloves for warm and cold weather
  • Warm hat (blaze orange while hunting)
  • Toiletries (chapstick, lotions, sunscreen, sunglasses)
  • Personal hunting items: hunter safety card, daypack, water bottle, flashlight
  • Optional items: camera, film, hunting knife, binoculars